Bericht van onze vakleerkracht Engels
10 oktober

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Dear parents,


A very warm welcome to the English class. A class where we are making English a priority on another level, focusing on exposing children to English from a very early age and improving the general level of English within our schools.  This is a class where we accept, respect, learn, grow, laugh with each other and most of all have fun learning a language together.


English has fast become the world’s most widely used and commonly spoken language. It’s important that children learn English as almost every aspect of life now involves and requires some degree of English knowledge. 


Our contemporary English program aims to improve and ensure that children are enthusiastic about learning English. When children are engaged and enthusiastic they become invested in their own learning, then we achieve great results. Encourage your child! Your positive support will be greatly appreciated. 


Teacher Yolandi Ingwerse

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